Phill's Custom Cabinets
Phillip II & Phill Crabtree Today
Phillip II & Phill Crabtree Today

Owensboro’s Cabinetmaker of 45 Years Closes its Retail Doors and Embarks on a New Adventure.

Phill's Custom Cabinets
Phill's Custom Cabinets

Phill’s Custom Cabinets was started in 1975 by Phill and Paula Crabtree. Phill was born a sharecropper’s son in Curdsville, Ky, and was one of ten children. Paula was born in St. Joe and was one of six children. Phill’s love of woodworking was always with him from a young age. In 1973, Phill and Paula bought a rental house that needed kitchen cabinets, and Crabtree thought, “I can do that!” That “take the hill” attitude was the reason for the birth of Phill’s Custom Cabinets, and its 45 years of success in Owensboro, Daviess County. The cabinet shop created opportunities for not only the Crabtrees but for hundreds of local craftsmen and women to hone their skills in the woodworking business. The couple’s youngest child, Phillip II, joined the operation in 2000. The company has been flourishing since its inception and has received multiple patents and two international awards for innovation and advancements in the woodworking arena. The company started to look differently at its processes and investigated other automated equipment available to improve their business. Phillip purchased the family business in 2010, and just like his father, his passion for woodworking, along with his exceptional employees, allowed for a fertile place for success. This success came in the form of an online business built by Crabtree that allows other cabinet shop owners, handymen or women, to benefit from the technology birthed right here in Owensboro, Ky. This business is now called Cabinotch.

With thousands of customers across North America, Crabtree had to make a decision to best guide his family and employees to future successes and has elected to close the retail division in Owensboro to focus on the web-driven portion of the business, Cabinotch.

From the bottom of my heart and my family’s hearts, we want to thank the thousands of amazing customers who have believed in us enough to trust us with their dream kitchens. Our company’s mission statement for the past 45 years has been, “work hard with your hands and lead a quiet life.” God has blessed our company and employees immensely for our commitment to this mission statement.

In the past 45 years, if you have purchased Phill’s Custom Cabinets, we would love to hear a good word about your experience with our family and our custom products.

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Peggy Stemle , Owensboro
The unique bath cabinet that you built and installed over our vanity many years ago still looks so beautiful. And the kitchen cabinets you built and installed in 2008 look like new plus the huge black island is the hub of the kitchen. Thanks for such great products that withstand the test of time!
Steve and Peggy Stemle
Duke Brubaker , Owensboro
Thanks to the entire team at Phil’s cabinets for making the cabinets in our dream home a few years ago. They took a plan I had in my mind, and made it a reality. The entire house looks amazing, but the custom display shelves are a show stopper! Thanks everyone and good luck in the future.
Tony Jones , Owensboro
Thank you and your work family for always taking care of our family's homes. Your work has been the only cabinets installed in our homes for years!
Debra Danzer , Owensboro, Ky.
Thank you for your selfless dedication
Eddie Atherton , Owensboro, KY
Love our custom cabinets you made from hickory. They are beautiful and have had many compliments over the 16 years.
Danny Mattingly
Thank you for all the years of great service. From our cabinets to our floors Phillip installed.
Back in the early years we thank you and may God continue to bless all !!!!
David Condon , Owensboro
I worked in multiple departments at Phill’s for two and a half years, then afterwards returned as a customer, purchasing parts for a vanity for a bathroom I am remodeling. At Phill’s, I gained both practical skills and valuable friendships that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. May God bless you all in this transition.
Brian Earley , Bloomington
I had the opportunity several years ago to work as a supplier to this great family. It has been exciting to see how your business has grown over the years. Congratulations to the Crabtrees and continue success in the future. Brian Earley